WASARCON 2019 is coming together.  The planning team is working to bring a number of new classes to the conference and the pre-conference.  

This year we are concentrating our efforts in the following areas; 

  • SAR Team Leadership (classes for people who are the presidents or chairmen of teams, Leadership Development (we are planning to bring classes on how to build a development plan), 
  • Volunteer Management
  • Professionalism.  

Additionally we will be offering 

  • A number of K-9 classes
  • A number of medical classes
  • We will also be offering search management classes.

We hope you will be able to find classes that will help you be a better SAR team member.

Additionally please check our websites.  We now have a link to our volunteer page.  This site shows the volunteer positions we are looking to fill to help with the conference.  We need volunteers to make the conference enjoyable for all. Please check it out.

We also value your input and feedback.  Please use the links we have for suggestions and input

I hope to see all of you in Ellensburg in June.


W.O. (Bill) Gillespie

SARVAC President





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About Us

Washington State Search and Rescue Volunteer Advisory Council (WA SARVAC) exists to provide a forum for search and rescue volunteers in our state to work together to develop best practices, develop curriculum, and discuss and resolve issues. 


We serve as a liaison between the search and rescue units and the volunteers that comprise them, and the WA Emergency Management Division, the agency that oversees search and rescue activities at the state level. 


We work with the Washington State Search and Rescue Coordinators' Association (WSSARCA) to address the needs of law enforcement agencies in our state when it comes to SAR volunteer responders. 


In a typical year, search and rescue responders answer the call to assist law enforcement agencies search for missing persons and those in distress around 900 times each year. This volunteer service is invaluable in the communities in which we serve.