Claims Flow

This document is meant to assist SAR volunteers in submitting claims for reimbursement. (download PDF)

Please read the following information prior to selecting the appropriate form and submitting the form.

Important step in this process.

  • Please read and submit the Payee Registration Instructions for Emergency Workers.
  • Make sure you have the current process from YOUR county DEM office for claims processing.

Please read carefully.

  • Read the instructions on the form prior to filling out the form.
  • Ensure you have all the need information to submit the form (receipts, copy of bills, other required materials). Ensure you are following your local DEM requirements for claims submissions.
  • Please note claims and accompanying documentation need to be clear and legible since they may be copied several times.
  • Please follow the steps as outlined.

Flow Diagram for Claim Submittal

Step 1
Choose the appropriate Claim Form.
✓ EMD 036 – Fuel, Toll, Ferry Reimbursement Claim Form.
✓ EMD 084 – Medical Expense Claim Form.
✓ EMD 086 – Property Loss or Damage Claim Form.
✓ EMD 089 – Extraordinary Expense Claim Form.
Please read the instructions carefully and complete the form as instructed.

Step 2
Begin to complete the appropriate form.
✓ Ensure you have the needed information to submit the claim.
▪ Receipts.
▪ Other needed and required information.
✓ Prepare the claim form. Forms can be filed out using Adobe Acrobat Reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download).
✓ Prepare the materials to be submitted to the county DEM office (check for their requirements on formats and submission).
✓ Organize receipts chronologically and ensure each one shows the date of purchase/service.

Step 3
✓ Check with the county DEM office as to their requirements for claims to be submitted.
✓ Submit Claim Form and required documents to the county DEM office.
✓ Ensure the county DEM office received the claim form and all appropriate sections were completed.

Step 4
✓ Check with county DEM office that the claim form and required documentation has been received.
✓ Ensure the county DEM office submits the claim form and documentation electronically to the state EMD SAR office. Forms and documentation must be submitted electronically.
✓ Check with county DEM office that they have received any rejections or need additional information.

Step 5
✓ Check your bank account for a deposit of the claim.
✓ Check your mail for a check (if you have chosen to not have payments sent electronically).

Version – 2021 – 011 – 02/2021