Training Mission Request Process Information

It is important that you read and follow the guidelines as they have been established. It will make obtaining training mission numbers much smoother and will not cause the frustration of having to submit materials multiple times.

Please take time to read and review with your teams and team leaders. It will save a great deal of time and effort.

This email provides guidance for submitting 2021 Training Mission Requests (form EMD-079).

All requests, including supporting documentation, must be submitted electronically.

All requests must be submitted by volunteer units to local DEM for processing and forwarding to EMD. WAC 118-04-280 is the reference for completing and submitting Training Mission Requests. Form EMD-079 must be completed in its entirety. Please us the current version of form EMD-079 available here: This is a fillable .pdf form. If the form must be completed by hand use only black ink. “Wet” signatures are not required for the unit or local DEM. Submit all requests so as to arrive at EMD ten business days prior to the training activity.

Requests may be submitted for individual training activities or for a series of activities (annual/semi-annual/quarterly) (WAC 118-04-280(1)). WAC 118-04-280(4) requires that a “training course curriculum, plan of instruction, or course outline” accompany each request. In order to meet that requirement, training mission requests for a series of training activities shall include the following:

1) A list of the unit’s training references. If the reference is a commercial or government published document, list the title and author of that publication. If the reference is a unit generated document, provide a link to that document or provide an electronic copy. Do this for all requests even if the reference may already be on file with EMD.

2) A proposed schedule of training activities including subjects, dates, times, and locations.

Request for individual training events shall include the training reference as well as the specific training objective for that activity. Both may be included on line 8 of the EMD-079.

Line 10, form EMD-079 may be checked “Yes” on both the individual and series training mission requests if the above requirements have been met.

All training activities must support local emergency response plans (line 9 EMD-079). In most cases, this is an emergency support function (ESF) of the local comprehensive emergency management plan (CEMP).

Local authorities may require more extensive and detailed documentation, such as safety plans or other IAP components, to meet local needs. This documentation may be retained locally but is not submitted with the request to EMD.

All emergency worker training activities are subject to the same COVID-19 training/meeting restrictions and safety measures (i.e., PPE, social distancing, etc.) as are applied to local emergency management/law enforcement training/meetings.

This email is be sent using multiple email address lists. My apologies if you receive multiple copies.

Questions or clarifications need to be sent to Chris Long – State SAR Program Manager – Long, Chris (MIL)